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Mud baths Mar Menor

The muds of the Mar Menor are fruit of centuries of action of the sun and the waters of high salinity of the Mar Menor. The result is a mud that, applied to the skin, has great therapeutic value in all types of affections: rheumatism, arthritis, gout, cutaneous pathologies, rehabilitation after bone fractures, throat, etc. The ideal complement to the treatment is to take a bath in the mineralized waters of the Mar Menor.

The particular climatic conditions of the Mar Menor, with a high percentage of hours of sunshine per year and high salinity, have led to the deposit of very appropriate sludge in the northern end of the lagoon in the area known as Las Charcas For therapeutic treatments.



Analysis carried out by the University of Murcia (1995) shows that these sediments contain a high percentage of cations, calcium, magnesium, potassium and fluorine, as well as anions, chloride and sulfate, much higher than expected, even in This salinity. In addition, medical granulometry in this area includes a high presence of fine and very fine sands (limes and clay), which are the true creators of the healing properties attributed to the sludge. The pH is basic and oscillates between the values of 7.12 and 8.45

The sludge bases its therapeutic action on its great absorption power, its mineralizing action, its ability to neutralize the acidity and its stimulating effect of the cicatrization, reason why it’s use is highly recommended in many types of skin pathologies.



A layer of mud applied to the skin absorbs all toxins from the peripheral system of connective tissue and removes toxic lymphatic from the dermis, acting as a true blotting paper of the skin. Its high caloric conductivity makes them also suitable as anti-inflammatory in case of rheumatism, arthritis, gout and rehabilitation, after bone fractures. They are also recommended for throat affections.


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