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Thematic spaces in the Region of Murcia

Today we are going to talk about the thematic spaces that exist in the region of Murcia. We will focus on the cities of Cartagena, Cehegín, La Unión, and Murcia

In the city of Cartagena we have 2:

  • Experience 43. Experience 43 is a thematic space dedicated to the history, present and future of the emblematic Liquor 43, a Spanish symbol present in more than seventy countries and market leader in markets such as Germany, Holland or Brazil. Discover the history of the brand starting with a legend that starts from the times of the Romans, discover the beginnings in the production of Liquor 43 in the 50’s and travel their advertising campaigns from its beginnings to the present. Especially interesting will be the sponsorship of the brand of different sports such as motorcycling, cycling, basketball and the first Spanish sailing ship to go around the world.
  • 4271
  • Tentegorra Aventura. You can enjoy the largest vegetable labyrinth in Spain and a great variety of multi-adventure circuits
  • 8-PresentLaberintoTentegorra-87871


In Cehegín we have 1:

  • Active tourism park of wonderland. The Active Tourism Park Coto de las Maravillas de Cehegín is a forest area of ​​110 hectares that are part of the Monte de Utilidad n ° 34 named “Rambla de Gilico y los Cambrones”; which is located between the rivers Argos and Quipar, and very close to the Tardorromana City of Begastri. With this initiative, this municipality of the Northwest Region launches actions aimed at both the conservation of this natural heritage and its educational, recreational and tourist use by the local and visiting population. Opened and open to the public in November 2009. It is located 9 km. of the urban nucleus of Cehegín and accedes to the same one by the road of the Campillo de los Jiménez. Once you pass the junction of La Carrasquilla, turn right onto a forest track (Juan González Road) and from there 3 km. until arriving at the entrance of the complex. The crosses are signposted to make it easier to locate.


In La Unión we have another one:

  • La Unión Mining Park. The La Union Mining Park is a privileged area of the Sierra Minera in which you can discover the entire process of the old subterranean mining industry of the nineteenth century and experience the unforgettable experience of more than 4,000 m2 of galleries in a mine open to the public. Come and discover a legacy that represents the living memory of union history and those men who worked in the bowels of this Sierra.

In the city of Murcia we have 2 thematic spaces:

  • Aqua Natura. The aqua park Aqua Natura is distributed in 30.000m2 of surface. Its name is Zanzibar and it recreates the Pacific archipelago. It consists of two distinct areas, recreation area: Restaurant, Picnic area, Kiosks-bars, Rentals and Solarium. And bathing area: It is composed by 4 swimming pools, 1 pool reception of the slides, 1 swimming pool for adults and 1 for children.
  • c700x420
  • Terra Natura. The paradise in the city of Murcia already has its name, Terra Natura Murcia. A state-of-the-art zoo where you can discover a new concept on zoos never seen before, the “zoo-diving”. During the tour, the visitor can see faithful and impressive recreations of habitats of different species of Africa, such as: The imposing lions, the sympathetic meerkats, the white rhinoceros or the giraffes, and the Iberian Peninsula, such as: The Iberian wolf, the funny and nice otters or the brown bear.
  • planoterranatura


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