How to book


Enter your travel dates or location to search all our exclusive listings. We recommend you filter your search to find the features you require like properties that have Internet or if a property is pet friendly.


After you’ve found the ideal property, you can book online using our secure payment options or contact us via email or phone to secure your booking.


You’re ready to go! Check in at the location and enjoy the property and amenities that come with staying in a holiday home.

Did you know!

When searching for your ideal holiday home from the home page you can search using the check in and check out dates, the locations or property type. If you are unsure at this stage what you prefer or the location that suits you leave all the options blank and just press search this will return all the properties we have.

From the all rentals page you can now narrow down your search using our advanced filters like number of bedrooms, town or complex. you can also choose the amenities you require like BBQ, parking, Internet or pet friendly. another great feature of this page is you can click on the map view and this will show you the locations of each of the properties, you can also choose to change the order the properties are displayed for example lowest price first.

When you are ready to book you can do this online with the following options:

  • Pay with card

  • Pay via Paypal

  • Pay by Transfer

If you prefer to contact us just click the contact button and fill out the contact form with your question or you can call us by clicking the phone button.

Once you have booked and the payment is made you will receive your booking confirmation via email, this email will contain all the booking details as well as instructions on how to pick up the keys and the local property manager for you booking.

We are available for you at any time if you have any questions before your holiday.

Once you return home we ask for you to review the property and your holiday experience.