Mar de Cristal

Mar de Cristal is a little town by the shore in Murcia, located in the South-East part of the region, it’s just a few kilometres away from La Manga and Cabo de Palos, and around 20 min away by car from Cartagena. In 2012 it was awarded with the Q of quality tourism and the average temperature is around 17º C.

Even though is a small village during summer it has a well amount of cafeterias and shops. It also has very beautiful sand beaches with views to La Manga. It’s very slightly water makes it perfect for families with children that can play on the shore without problem.

Mar de Cristal has a beach with fine golden sand, very peaceful atmosphere and around 1.1 km long and an average width of 38m. The services and activities are beach bars, diving, footbath, litter bins, ramps, sailing, toilets, walkways…

The best bars and restaurants are around the Nautic Club

In this little town we offer one of our biggest apartments selection. We have apartments in Ribera Beach complex and Arona and Albatros complex.

In this photo we can see the complex of Ribera Beach. These apartments have 2 or 3 bedrooms, fully equipped, with air conditioning. Many apartments accept pets. 

Ribera Beach 3 - Mar de Cristal
Ribera Beach 3 Complex


In this picture it’s complex Albatros. Enjoy a large area of natural grass around your pool. The enclosure is closed so children will not be a problem. As in Ribera Beach apartments have fully equipped 2 and 3 bedrooms. Some of them with private parking.

albatros 3 pool april09 (1)
Albatros 3 Complex


Here we see the complex Arona 2. Very similar in design and garden of complex Albatros, the one we mention before.

Arona 2 (11)
Arona 2 Complex


To check availability and prices you can visit Mar de Cristal. There you will have more photos and details of the apartments.


Accommodation in Mar de Cristal

Antilia Terrace 1

Arona 1

Arona 2

Albatros Playa 1

Albatros Playa 2

Albatros Playa 3

Ribera Beach 1

Ribera Beach 2

Ribera Beach 3


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