The booking process

How do I make a booking?

To start the booking process you will need to go to the Resort Choice website. From the homepage you will be able to choose the area you wish to stay and search special requirements such as properties with internet, pet friendly, parking available etc. You can then select a suitable property. After this, you need to specify the dates you wish to travel and the number of people travelling.

If the property you require is available you can start the booking procedure by entering your name, address, contact telephone number, email address. You can then select from 3 payment options, PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Bookings made by PayPal or Credit Card will be confirmed immediately, bank transfers are confirmed when funds reach our account. If you choose the option of bank transfer, an email will be sent to you with the bank account information so that you can make a transfer straight away.

Do I need to include children that will be staying at the property?

Babies and toddlers between the age of 0 to 2 years old (when staying at the property) are not included in the number of guests. If you require baby equipment, this must be ordered at the time of booking.

Children between the ages of  2 and 12 years old do need to be accounted for and must be included. The booking page allows you to stipulate the number of children and adults separately

How does the ‘Favourites‘ work?

When searching our website and you come across a property you like, you can click the add to favourites and this will then store the property so you can go back and view again without needed to search for it you can also add a note for yourself and save. To view all favourites saved for you click on the Favourites tab at the top of any page.

I would like to book a property with special features, what do I do?

You can search for properties with the features you require through the system, if there are properties available with these features, it will appear on the list of properties and you will be able to select your requirements. If there is something specific that you cannot see, you can email us at or call us for help

I need to book several properties for large group, what do I do?

If you need to book more than one property and you would like them to be situated in the same complex or village, our system will allow you search properties in the same location. It will show you ways to book larger groups and calculate each property rate individually

If I don’t understand something when making the booking, how can I get the answer?

We try to make the booking process as easy as possible but if there is something that you do not understand you can email us at or you can call us and we will be able to help you

What time is check in and check out

The check in and check out times for the property you have booked will be clearly stated on your booking confirmation. If you are requiring an earlier check in or later check out than the stipulated times, you must consult with maintenance office to see if this is possible and they will advise if there is any charge for this

I would like to know if I can use a car park, what do I do?

Each property has a section with ‘facilities’ which will tell you if there is parking available.

If you require further information regarding parking, management office will be able to assist once a booking has been made.

I am trying to make a booking but nothing is available, why is this?

It could also be that the duration of your stay is longer than what is available. You could try searching for a shorter period and then searching the remaining days and split your stay into two properties

If you have any problem like this, it could be because there are no properties available for the dates you need

It could be that the number of people you are trying to accommodate are too many for the property, you could try searching for less people and then doing another search for the remaining guests

My booking is complete, when do I receive my confirmation and key collection information?

Your confirmation will be sent to your email when you have completed the booking and paid the deposit. This will confirm the dates booked, number of people and the property reference booked.

The key collection information will be sent to your email address when the balance is paid. This will again confirm the dates, property reference and address where the keys will need to be collected from along with contact telephone numbers for the key collection point.

If I arrive to the property I have booked and it is not what I was expecting, what do I do?

Each property listing is carefully verified to make sure that the information you see is as accurate as possible. However, if you find that there are issues with the property such as damage or the equipment listed on our site is not in place, please call us within 24 hours of arrival to report the problem and also email us too at so that we can investigate the situation and take the necessary action required for the situation.

Will there be sheets and towels at the property?

Most of the properties include sheets and towels, if for any reason they are not provided, this will be indicated on the property listing. If you are not sure and want to check, you can email on or call us

How much is the deposit, when is this paid and when do I pay the balance?

We require 20% deposit to confirm the booking and the balance is due 28 days before arrival. There are 3 ways you can complete the transaction which are as follows

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer

When using the credit card or Paypal methods, the transaction is immediate and therefore the booking will be confirmed straight away. You will then receive your confirmation email which confirms the property booked with your details. Key collection information will be sent at the point when all payments are made.

If you are making a transfer for your booking, you will be sent via email the procedure for this but please note that your booking is not confirmed until the transfer has been received into our bank.  If the instance occurs that another guest makes a booking for the same property using a credit card or Paypal method, their booking is instantly confirmed. If this happens, you will be able to choose an alternative property or if nothing is suitable, we will refund the transfer.

What happens to my security deposit?

If you do not wish to purchase the security deposit damage waiver a security deposit is required to ensure the property is looked after during your stay. The amount is stipulated on the terms and conditions. Once it is confirmed that there has been no damage at the property, this will be refunded 48 hours after departure date by the local property manager.

Is the price of the cleaning included in the price?

The cleaning fees are generally included in the total price of the accommodation, if for any reason this is not the case, it will be indicated on the notes for the individual property.

Is the total price I pay including the taxes?

The taxes are included in the booking with the exception local taxes if applicable. If extra taxes are applicable, these will be details for each property.

If I want to book but do not wish to make a payment online, what do I do?

If you are not comfortable about making a payment online, we offer the facility to make a bank transfer. Should you wish to use this option, you must complete the booking in the usual way up to the point where you choose the payment option you wish to use. Click on the bank transfer option and we will send you an email with our bank information in order for you to do a transfer. You will also receive our email to send the proof of transfer. Please remember to add your booking reference number to the notes when making a transfer so we can see this when the transfer arrives and confirm your booking quicker.

Remember that we cannot confirm your booking instantly until the transfer is received so if someone else books the property using PayPal or a credit card, their booking will take priority over yours however, you will be able to choose an alternative property. If nothing else if available for the dates you require, we will refund your transfer.

Are my payment details secure?

yes, our site has secure online payments.

Do I pay anything more before I arrive at the property?

If there are any additional payments to be made when you arrive, these will be indicated on your booking confirmation. All additional fees if applicable are shown on the property page of the advertisement.

After making a booking

I would like to change my booking

If you require changing your booking, we would recommend that you refer to our policy. If you would like to change the dates, number of people or the property, please contact us on or call us for help.

I would like to cancel my booking

If you need to cancel your booking, we would recommend that you refer to the cancellation policy. Once you have read this information, if you would like to go ahead with the cancellation please email your request to or call us for help.

I would like a refund

If you are requesting any money back, please refer to our refund policy where you will be able to read the rules regarding refunds. When you have read through this information, you can contact us via email with your booking reference at or call us.

I would like to send a review for the accommodation, what do I need to do?

After your stay, we automatically send an email to you so that you may rate the accommodation. The email will be sent to the one provided on your booking. You will be able to rate your experience and make comments you feel are important regarding your stay. We will make public all comments except those which are seen to be abusive or threatening or that may contain personal details. These reviews are designed to help people that are interested in making a reservation to have some informative information relating to the property.

Should you feel the need to make a complaint if something cannot be sorted out for you locally, please email or write to us at our office.

I need a certificate to obtain a visa, what do I do?

If you need a visa for your stay, please email us with the relevant details require, i.e. reservation details which will include your name, address, passport details, number and names of all guests on the same booking. We will then add these details to your booking and you can then print it to hand over to the relevant authorities.We are not responsible for the decision of the authorities but if you have any questions about the form, you can contact us by email at or you can call us.

I have completed my booking but have not received any confirmation email. What should I do next?

If your booking was completed successfully but you have not received any confirmation email, please contact us at or contact us by phone.

What can I do if I see the same accommodation for less money with another advertiser?

If you find the same property cheaper on another site with the same booking conditions and based on the same number of guests, we will match the price and refund the difference.

Frequenlty asked questions

I would like to list my property on Resort Choice. What are the terms?

There is no cost to list your property on Resort Choice. We charge a commission for every booking we make for your property from 10% to 20% depending on the marketing package you choose.

You must know that we only work with instant bookings and not enquiries, for this reason it is important to keep your calendar updated at all times as you should accept all bookings. The prices should be updated regularly and be at least 12 months in advance, your calendar needs to be blocked out for the dates the property is unavailable.

We advertise the price as the best price guaranteed to the guest and require that the property is listed with the rates on parity with any advertising you do personally.

We do not offer maintenance, cleaning or check in / out services this should be done by your management company or key holder. If you do not have anybody to do this for you please email us and we may be able to help you find a local representative.

If you are ready to list your property please fill in the signup form and one of our listing professionals will contact you to go through all the options and help you through the process.


Must I accept all bookings from Resort Choice?

Yes, Resort Choice work with instant bookings and not on request as guests prefer to search for real time availability and prices and book at the same time. When a guest makes a booking online the system automatically sends out a confirmed email.

Cancelling a booking has a negative impact to our reputation and unhappy guests.

If for some reason you need to reject the booking you should read our rejected booking policy.   

What happens if I reject a booking?

As the host you cannot cancel the booking, in the case that you wish to reject a booking you must inform us immediately via telephone or email us at At no time should you contact the guest direct and you need to read the rejected booking policy.

Once we are advised that you wish to reject the booking Resort Choice will temporarily remove your property from the website and will work with the guest to find alternative accommodation. The host must pay us 80 Euros by credit or debit card to cover the costs of the administration plus the original commission.

If the host helps us find an alternative accommodation option and the guest accepts the administration fee will be reduced to 40 Euros.

If the host contacts the guest and does not process the rejected booking via Resort Choice the host will be in breach of the policy and will need to pay the 80 Euro fee.

Hosts that reject bookings may find their properties removed permanently from our website also rejected bookings impact your rating on our website and your property listing will be displayed last.

Resort Choice reserve the right to terminate its association with the host at any time and require all pending bookings are fulfilled.

I have a question about a booking in my property, what should I do?

Can I list more than one property?

Yes you can list as many properties as you wish as long as you are the legal owner for that property and you have permission to rent short term holidays

When will I be paid for the booking?

Resort Choice will release the your rental incomes 48 hour after check out of the guest. The incomes will be paid via paypal or bank transfer.

What should the rent include?

The rental total should include any extras and taxes like cleaning, meet and greet, sales tax. Resort Choice reserve the right to upsell items to the guest like holiday insurance, car hire, administration fees, booking fees and damage waiver protection. These items will be added to the guest booking and are 100% ownership of Resort Choice and no incomes from these items will be paid to the host.

How do I change information on my property listing?

I am an agent can I list with Resort Choice?

Yes we work with many agents and as long as you have written permission to rent a property on behalf of an owner you can upload the properties onto our website. Depending on the software or system you use we may be able to bulk import the properties.